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Why Choose Us?

Expert Brokers
Harmon & Harmon Realtors Inc has a commercial division that specializes in tenant representation and brokerage sales. We are highly experienced commercial realtors who can cater to any scale of business.

Pocket Listings
Get access to the most informed professionals in the field. We have insider knowledge on available properties even before they go to market. We use all available resources to get you the best location for your business.

Industry Leaders
We are recognized as one of the leading organizations for commercial real estate in Metro Atlanta in the field of exclusive tenant representation. We help to expand and enrich your current business through the acquisition of a space for growth and productivity.

How Much Are You Going to Charge Me?

Harmon & Harmon Realtors does not typically charge fees for our expertise. Our fees are negotiated in the terms of the lease. Have us represent you and we’ll take care of all your real estate needs.


What Do You Need From Me?

We require our clients to provide their business’ financial history, company background, and your mission and vision for the future of your business. Give us insight on how you envision your company to grow, criteria, and location, so we can help you based on your goals.


How Long Will It Take?

Transactions can take anywhere between 1 month to 1 year, depending on what our client is looking for. Rest assured that while you are working with us, you will have access to the best locations that can help your business grow.


How Can We Get Started?

We love to meet our prospective clients in person. That way, we can discuss your location preferences and other business needs. After you agree to work with us, we will create a market survey that would provide you with a list of potential properties that may match your preferences.


Owner Representation

We will do everything we can to add value, reduce risk, and assist you with managing and growing your real estate portfolio…

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Tenant Representation

A good broker is someone who exerts effort to know and understand the needs and goals of his client while providing information and clear guidance on each step of the process…

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Buyer Representation

We are committed to finding the best locations and properties while providing you with market expertise on acquisition strategies and property values…

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